Bobby Elwood

Buisness Boy, Arsonist, Friend,


Bobby The bankrupt business boy is a human boy, age:19

Strength (10)
Dexterity (14)
Constitution (14)
Intelligence (20)
Wisdom (11)
Charisma (16)

level 6

Also, he makes magic stuff n’ shit

Bobby was born into a wealthy family of magic users, he lived a normal life learning from his family, however he didn’t understand the true extent of the power of magic until his grandmother (yes, FULL POWER GRIMY GURDLES!(freshly retired)) came over, and showed him her magical powers ( by destroying the neighbors, and claiming the surrounding 2 kilometers in under a minute) Bobby was clearly traumatized by this, so, to try to get him to stop whining, his grandmother convinced him that death isn’t real and that when you hurt things so bad they stop moving, they’re just sleeping ( she did so with a necromancy spell). However, his parents didn’t appreciate her…”attitude” (racism) so they forced her to leave, they then sent him away to school. At school he met his grandfather, Emrius ( yes, I’m working on him)(yes I am doing a magic family thing)(yes he did have a child with grimy gurdles(No he’s not racist)) The wizard, who taught him all about creativity,and the good magic can do, he developed an amazing understanding of how magic works, and grew mentally to become a genius. However, while he understood the intricacies of magic, he had difficulty casting spells, luckily for him, due to the low funding of the school system, workshop classes were in the same group that spellcasting was in, so he learned the arts of woodworking, blacksmithing,sewing, leather working, and countless other crafting subjects. He was able to skip many grades throughout normal magic school, and proceed to magic university quickly, where he linked his skills, and became an artificer. During his years there, he began a business selling matches that last 8 hours, they were popular with underwater civilizations, but they burned houses down when people didn’t read that they reignite when put out (like the trick birthday candles) so, the money he made on aquatic customers was lost from paying damages. He proceeded through university, claiming his masters in artificing at the age of 19 (even though he looks much younger), yet this is not enough, for him to be successful, Bobby must make a name for himself, so to become a success Bobby headed out for adventure ( with only his tools, some magic items he made, and without a functional knowledge of how death works (he’s smart not wise)).

Bobby Elwood

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